Kaleidoscope Soul is a New Orleans-based five piece band playing psychedelic soul, with influences from jazz, cumbia, hiphop, bossa nova, indie and more. We want to make you dance with our kaleidoscope of sound, a reflection of our wonderfully diverse world. Kaleidoscope Soul could only come from New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz, soul and funk, the multi-cultural laboratory where American popular music was created.

Kaleidoscope Soul is Margie Perez ( Leo Nocentelli, Kumasi, Muevelo) on vocals, Phil  ‘the Tremolo King’  Vanderyken on guitar, Glenn Preston ( Stooges Brass Band) on trumpet, David Gilman( Mortar and Silk, Single Malt Please) on bass and Jamey Thomason on drums. True to our philosophy of eclecticism, the individual musicians have roots in New Orleans’ many different music scenes, from Latin to trad jazz and brass band music.  We reflect the diversity and rich culture of our city both as musicians and people.

Our self-titled seven song EP was recently released on Kaleidoscope World Records as we’re working on a full length album to be released early ’23.  The EP features guest appearances by Vic Ruggiero from legendary NYC ska band the Slackers, and Brazilian singer Laura Lavieri. Check out our first two music videos: the quirky animation for “Porch Jam” and our ode to our beloved city in ”New Orleans”.

We are in the early stages of planning a European tour, and looking forward to presenting our city to the world and bringing the kaleidoscope gospel to audiences everywhere!


Check out our music video for “New Orleans, a bittersweet ode to our city!

And here is the animation for “Porch Jam”, another track from the EP!

And here we are at rehearsal, messing around with Allen Toussaint’s “Yes We Can Can” which was a hit for the Pointer Sisters in the 70s!